If you are one of the many who have switched over to use Firefox as your main Internet browser, here is a list of keyboard shortcuts that might come in handy for you!

Some of the shortcuts are the same as Internet Explorer (like copy and paste, etc.), but there are a few different ones that may surprise you.

Back = Alt + <–

Forward = Alt + –>

Close Window = Alt + F4

Add a Bookmark
= Ctrl + D

Complete .com Address
= Ctrl + Enter

Complete .net Address
= Shift + Enter

Complete .org Address
= Ctrl + Shift + Enter

Decrease Text Size
= Ctrl + – (just Ctrl and the minus sign)

Increase Text Size
= Ctrl + + (just Ctrl and the plus sign)

Restore Text Size
= Ctrl + 0 (zero)

Go Down One Line
= Down arrow

Go Up One Line
= Up arrow

Full Screen
= F11

= F1

= Ctrl + H

= Alt + Home key

New Mail Message
= Ctrl + M

New Window
= Ctrl + N

Save Page As
= Ctrl + S

= Esc

= Ctrl + Z

Web Search
= Ctrl + K

Those are just a few of the keyboard shortcuts you can use in Firefox that may be a little different (may be somewhat the same) from Internet Explorer. Go ahead and go check them out. You may just open your world to a whole new Firefox experience!

~ Erin