We have double the cool sites for you today. Both are cool sites about eagles and we wanted to run them together, so you could get twice the excitement all in one day! Enjoy!

Live: Outdoors Streaming Eagle Camera

Well, we found this site mentioned on our very own forum. Thanks guys! Want to check out the original thread? (I highly suggest you do!) You will find it here. This is a truly awesome site.

There are a couple ways that you can view the feed. You can let it load on the page or you can click the “Launch in Window Media Player 9.0” button and have it come up in the media player. (You can even still browse the net if you use the directions provided in our forum by Crockett).

And, if you have a Mac, they even provide directions on the site of how you too can view the live feed on your computer. Just click the “Using a Mac, Can’t See the Stream, Click Here!” link.

Another great feature of this site is the forums. You can chat with other users about the eagles right there on the site, as well as, suggest names for the eagles. You can even check out the Nest FAQ where you will learn everything you need to know about the nest!

You may have to refresh the page to get the live stream to show up. With well over two million people viewing the site a day, you have to expect a little bit of a delay. That’s a lot of bandwidth being eaten up. But this is a great site and I was really glad to be able to share it with you.


Bald Eagle Web Cam

So, I’ve gotten really fired up about eagles since I checked out the other live feed of these great birds. I had to go right out and find more information about them. When I did, I realized that I should share it with you, because this site is awesome too!

Here, not only can you check out the eagle Web cam (this is different feed than the other one, I promise), you can learn a great deal about eagles as well.

Right under the introduction, there are tiny links for Photos one through four. Check them out and see how beautiful and majestic these birds are. My favorite is photo number three where the bird is almost touching the water!

This site also requires Windows Media Player 9.0 to view the feed. Another great thing about this site is that if there are too many people viewing it and you can’t get in on the live feed, you can check out the image (the one that is larger than the other pictures) of the eagle instead. This image updates every 30 seconds, so just hit your refresh button.

And, as if that weren’t enough, you can meet the pair of eagles. By meet, I mean learn all about them. You can also scroll further down and learn about Bald Eagle Parenting and how mercury is a threat to bald eagles everywhere.

Pretty neat, huh?


~ Amanda