Firefox Wheel Tricks

If you use Firefox and you have a scroll wheel mouse, you can do some pretty neat things in your Web browser. If you have used Firefox for awhile, you probably know that you can use tabbed browsing, which means you can create a new tab and then have several Web sites open and ready to view without having so many open links filling up the bottom of your desktop area.

Well, you can use your mouse wheel to close out some of those tabs when you’re done browsing in a certain one. Go ahead and click on “Open a new tab” icon and go to whichever Web site you would like to visit. Once you’re done looking around, just make sure the tab you want to close is selected and just click your mouse wheel. That tab will automatically close and you can go to another site or whatever you’d like to do.

You can also use your mouse wheel with the Back and Forward buttons. Just click the middle mouse button (the wheel) and away you go.

Here’s one more! Try it with the Home page icon. Just highlight the icon, click the wheel once and you’re instantly taken to your homepage. You can do all of these things with just a quick click on the scroll wheel. Who knew Firefox could be so fun?!

~ Erin