Get Human

Everyone has experienced bad customer service at some point in their life. Having worked in a call center, it’s worse for me, because I know exactly what they are doing while I’m on hold forever. But now, you can not only learn how to get a human when you call, but you can also rate their customer service.

Homepage – here you’ll find a survey you can fill out for the places you call for customer service. Fill out the Company’s name, the number you dialed, how long you were on hold and your overall rating of their service. Their goal with this information is to help improve customer service via phone in the U.S.

Tips – here you will find some tips to, not only getting through to a human faster, but also for getting better service. For example, I didn’t know that the phone company charged me for using 411 for information. I learned that I can dial 1-800-FREE-411 to get the same information for free.

Database – this is the part of the site that we all want to bookmark. This is the database of companies and how to get straight through to a human. You’ll find the companies name, phone number and what you have to do to get to a human.

Sitemap – this section is a menu. It explains what each section does and provides you a link there.

There’s a blog here, too. In it you can find out what drives this site and you can even check out the “About the Blog” link to find out the goal of the blog.

Are you ready to get a human the next time you call customer service? I know I am.

~ Amanda