Outlook Express Stationery

Did you know that you can use stationery in your e-mails if you use Outlook Express? We have done a tip on creating your own stationery before, but what if you just want to use the samples that are already available from Outlook Express?

Open up OE and go up to the Create Mail icon. Don’t click on the actual icon, but click on the down arrow that is right next to it. This will bring up a little menu where you can pick out your very own stationery that will go along with the text you send in your e-mails. Just click on Select Stationery to get started.

Outlook Express has such choices as Citrus Punch, Clear Day, Fiesta, Glacier, Ivy, Leaves, Maize, Nature, Network Blitz, Pie Charts, Sunflower, Sweets and Technical.

Once you choose which one you would like, just click OK and a new e-mail message box will come up on your screen. You can then just write your e-mail like you would any other time. Just put in your To, From, Subject and type in your text.

When your friends and family get your e-mails, you may just bring a smile to their faces because of your pretty designs. It just brings something new to your e-mail and gives it a little happy feeling along with what you have to say.

Right now would be a great time to use a spring design, like the sunflower, which is my favorite. Here is a small example of what your e-mail will look like if you use the stationery feature from Outlook Express. It will look even better in your friend’s Inbox at normal size!

If you ever want to take the stationery off an e-mail, just click on the down arrow again and select No Stationery.

~ Erin