Did you know that you can customize some of your keyboard settings?

In Windows XP, go to Start>Control Panel> Printers and Other Hardware, then Keyboard.
If you’re using Vista, go to Start, Control Panel and look for the Keyboard icon and double-click it.


This will put you in the Keyboard Properties screen. Under the Character Repeat section, you can choose how long, or short, you would like before a character (a letter, etc.) repeats itself when you’re holding down a key. Maybe sometimes you’re typing along and a double letter somehow shows up. It may have done this because you held onto that one key just a little too long. Well, if that seems to happen to you a lot, you can change the repeat delay to a longer amount of time, so you will have more time to move onto the next letter or word. Just use the arrow slider to move in either direction.

Next, you can check on the repeat rate of your keyboard. If you sometimes hold down a key for soooooooooooooooooooo long, it may take forever for that one letter to repeat itself. You can fix that by moving the arrow slider to the Fast side. Or, if you like it slower, you can move the slide to the Slow side. Once you have it where you would like it, you can test the rate to see how fast, or slow, it will go.

The last thing you can do is play with the cursor blink rate. Depending on how fast you would like your cursor to blink at you when it’s standing still, you can have it blink at a fast rate, a medium rate or even no rate at all.

When you’ve made all your changes, just hit OK and they will take effect. Pretty cool, huh?

~ Erin