I know I’ve brought you Gas Buddy before, but it’s a great site and I just found out that you can search by your county. Using the color coded map, you can find out what the price is in any county in the country.

To use the map, right click and drag the map into the position you want. Then, you can zoom in as much as you want, until you can see every single county. I found this to be pretty darned amazing! Now that you’ve zoomed in, you can right click on the county you want and see the average gas price for it.

After zooming in on Ohio, I found that there were actually several counties in the green range (green = cheaper gas), which I wouldn’t have known from seeing the map all the way zoomed out, because Ohio is in the yellowish-orange color code.

On this page, you can also scroll down and find a link that will show you the average gas prices around the country. Or, you can use the gray buttons at the top of the page to go to the Home, Historical Price Charts and Helpful Tips sections.

Home – this gives you access to the regular gas buddy area where you click your state, then choose a city off the list. You may notice that not all of cities are listed for your area, so the county map becomes really useful if you want a general idea of how much you’re going to pay per gallon.

Historical Price Charts – here you can check out the prices for as far back as three years and you can compare, not only with other U.S. cities, but with Canada as well. Choose the areas you want to compare, then the amount of time and to finish, click create chart. Poof, you have a price chart!

Helpful Tips – this section is full of helpful tips to help you save money at the gas tank! Check it out!

I love this new addition of the Gas Temperature feature on this site. If you haven’t added Gas Buddy to your favorites already, you should now. I sure did!


~ Amanda