Easter eggs are special little extra tidbits or surprises programmers put into their programs. It usually involves doing some strange things (usually hitting an odd key combination at a specific time) in a program to see a little bonus surprise. Recently, many movies on DVD and video games began including these bonus features. Just do a websearch for the name of your favorite recent movie or game and “Easter Egg” to see if there’s a surprise waiting for you! There are even websites dedicated to listing newly discovered Easter eggs.

A real Easter egg must fall under five criteria.

1.) The information has to be undocumented, hidden and not obvious to the viewers. They can’t be something that goes along with whatever software you’re using. The Easter eggs only stand out because they are different and don’t fit into the regular context. The programmers usually have some connection with the “eggs,” so they include it in the program for extra entertainment, mostly for themselves.

2.) All Easter eggs have to be reproducible. With a set of instructions, anyone has to be able to reproduce the egg.

3.) They have to be placed on the program by the creators for their own personal reasons like a signature, an inside joke, a tribute, etc. The eggs must have been placed on there on purpose and through the general knowledge of all the creators.

4.) Easter eggs cannot be malicious for any reason. They are only meant for fun, not damage.

5.) This the most important one. They have to be entertaining. If it’s not, it’s not a legitimate Easter egg.

You can search online for different Easter eggs. It’s cool to find ones that are on programs that you have used or movies that you have seen.

By the way, Happy Easter!

~ Everyone here at Worldstart