Do you use the Run command quite often to help you find different programs quickly? For example, you may use it to find your computer’s calculator or maybe the on screen keyboard. (Those are just a couple examples of what you can use the Run command for).

So, how do you usually get to the Run box? Do you go to Start>Run and then type in your command? Do you hit the Windows key + R and then type in the command? Are you using Windows Vista or 7 and just type “Run” in the search box? Well, how would you like an even easier way to get the Run box to pop up on your screen?

If you’re interested, it’s very easy to do. You just need to drag the Run icon from your Start menu into your Quick Launch toolbar. To do that, go to the Start menu and place your mouse on the Run icon. Then just drag that down to your quick launch area and a new icon will appear down there for the Run command. In Windows 7, you can only drag the Run command to the desktop as a shortcut.

The new icon will look like this:

When you hover your mouse over that new icon, you may notice that it says &Run. This is just the result of some of the configurations done by the Start menu, which gives the icon access to bring up the Run dialog box when you click on it.

You can rename it if you want by right clicking on the icon and choosing Rename. You can name it “Run” or even “Run Command.” Whatever you would like is fine.

Once you have it all set, you can just single click on that icon in your quick launch toolbar and up comes the Run box, so you can just type in where you want to go and it will all be done just a tad bit faster than before!