Enchanted Highway

This site is an amazing idea! It makes me want to take a road trip out to North Dakota just for the scenery. What a way to jazz up a road trip!

What am I babbling so excitedly about? Well, wait until you see this stuff. Enchanted Highway comes from the mind of artist Gary Greff.

To learn more about each set of sculptures, you can either use the red links at the top of the page to look at these highway attractions or scroll down the page to the gallery. Just click on the red links interspersed in the descriptions below the photos.

In each of the sections devoted to the sculptures, you will learn the dimensions of each sculpture, how they were made and even where the concept came from for that particular one. It’s pretty darned informative if you ask me.

There is also a link in the text section before the gallery where you can listen to a radio documentary on the Enchanted Highway.

My favorite sculpture is the Deer Crossing, but I found the pheasants to be very realistic and neat as well!

Are you ready to journey down an Enchanted Highway? Check it out!


~ Amanda