Computer Donation

If you have ever thought of donating an old computer that you don’t need anymore, there are just a few things you should keep in mind before you hand it over.

Make sure you have backed up all your files on the old computer so you’re able to replace it on your new PC. If you have personal files on the computer, make for certain that those are removed, so no one has any way of tracing back to you. Copy all of your files, pictures, music; just keep everything in every program that you may have used. You never know when you might need that information again while using your new computer.

Even if you’re giving your computer to someone you know and trust, it’s still smart to wipe that computer clean so the new user can start fresh as well. If you’re looking for a place to donate your computer, check into local organizations that may have a need for computers (library, schools, non-profit businesses, etc). Donations like that can often be accepted as a tax deductible donation for you (if it’s not too old). You can also look for places online that may be accepting used computers. You never know who you could be helping out by offering a computer. : )

~ Erin