Do you ever wonder how much of your disk space is being eaten up by your drives? By drives, I’m talking about your C: drive, D:, E:, F:, etc. (depending on how many you have on your PC).

You can always look up that information by opening My Computer and then right clicking on the drive you want to view and choosing Properties, but that can be pretty time consuming to do to each of your drives. So, is there a way to see the status of all your drives all at the same time? Good news, there is!

Just open up My Computer like you normally would and then use the Ctrl key along with your mouse to select all of the drives you want to view. (Press down the Ctrl key while left clicking each drive name. Keep the Ctrl key down until you have each drive you want highlighted. They’ll all be highlighted at the same time). Once you have all of them chosen, right click on the very last one you chose and select Properties.

This will bring up a box that has every single drive you selected tabbed out. Each one contains a pie chart for how much space is being used and how much free space is left on that particular drive. Just select the tab for the drive you want to look at and a new pie chart will appear. For example, my C: drive has 152 GB of used space and 433 GB of free space. The used space is blue on the chart and the free space is a pinkish/purplish color.

You can use this for all of your drives, including network drives, removable disk drive and floppy disk drives (if you have them). It’s just a quicker way to check the status of your hard disk usage through the drives.

~ Erin