What does the CC feature do in Outlook Express?

You can use the CC to send an e-mail to a few extra people who might need to know about it, but it’s not addressed directly to them. For example, maybe you’re having a birthday party and you’re inviting all of your friends who live close by. You also have some friends who live out of state, so you know they won’t be able to make it, but as a courtesy, you want to include them as well. So, you just address the e-mail to all your close by friends and CC the ones who live further away.

The CC feature comes in handy in times like those. You can use it for several other situations as well. It’s just nice to let other people see the e-mail, even though it may not be directly for them.

In Outlook Express, the CC is located right under the To: line. Type one e-mail address in the To: space and then tab down to type in the others in the CC spot. It’s as simple as pie!

Most e-mail programs, other than Outlook Express (Yahoo, AOL, GMail, etc.), have the CC feature available for use, because it is more common to use than the BCC. So, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in using, start today!

Just as a reminder, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy and you use it to hide the names and e-mail addresses of the recipients. Click here for more information.