Panel Your Favorites

So, you have a big list of Favorites saved to your computer, but every time you want to view one, you have to go searching through all of them, right? Do you like that? I don’t. It gets a little repetitive after awhile, especially if you have tons of favorite sites saved.

Well, an easy fix to this problem is to just display them right along with your browser. Open up Internet Explorer and go to the View menu, Explorer Bar. You’ll see that you have Search, Favorites, History, etc. to choose from. Go ahead and click on Favorites and a left side panel will appear right in your browser. Then you can just go and click on whichever favorite you want to look at and you’re instantly taken there.

If you ever want to get rid of the panel, you can close it with the X that is in the upper right corner. Or if you’d like to show your History or have a Search bar, you can go to the View menu and select either of those as well. You can only show one topic in the panel at a time though, so keep that in mind. You can also add and organize your favorites while they are in the panel.

If you use Firefox, you have Bookmarks saved instead of favorites. You can get the panel here as well. Open Firefox and go to the View menu, Side Bar and click on Bookmarks. Your bookmarked sites will all appear in the left panel. You can also show your Web site history in Firefox. Pretty cool, huh?

~ Erin