Unusual Phobias

I’ve brought you sites devoted to phobias before, but not like this one. These phobias are not psychologically recognized, but after looking at the list and the number of submissions, some of them definitely should be. There is also a link to a list of psychologically recognized phobias. You can find it under that large red print that reads “A Different Kind of Phobia List” if you are interested in that.

Now, let’s dig in to the unusual phobias. There are at least 305 of them and that’s not counting the phobias that have more than one entry on them. Do you have an unusual phobia that isn’t listed here? You should submit it!

Things – this section is devoted to everyday objects that people are afraid of. I really loved the button phobia. They are mostly plastic buttons if you read the entries. I actually rather like buttons.

Animals/Creatures – here you will find some uncommon fears of animals. What animals made the list? Well, you’ll see bunnies, cows and even the ostrich on this list.

Foods – here you will find unusual food phobias. I was surprised by some of the things on the list like bread crumbs, whipped cream, chewing gum and big bowls of ice cream.

Toilets/Drains – there were definitely some odd phobias here and some were gross. Very gross. They include being sucked down a toilet, toilet paper and the fear of toilets flushing.

Actions – I was curious as to what I would find here. I was right to be curious, because this list was huge. From the fear of people breathing, to touching, to falling down stairs or getting hiccups and never being able to stop, there are a lot of phobias in this section.

People –here you will find fears that are people related. Things like the fear of someone standing behind you to the fear of people in certain professions, like a meter maid or even people dressed in costumes.

Places – this is a listing of places that people are afraid of, like McDonald’s, hills, book stores and many more.

Trains and Automobile related – some of the other sections were a little wacky for me, but this one was very realistic. These made more sense than mine though! Things like being afraid of driving on incomplete overpasses or the fear of your car door opening while you are driving were found here. I am really afraid of driving over bridges that have the metal grating on them.

Wuzzahuh? – this is the really odd stuff. As you’ll notice it was labeled the odd of the odd. From aliens to midgets to a flux in the time space continuum, you’ll find it here. Some of these are really far out there. Check it out.

Another neat area was the Phamous Phobic’s section where you can see what famous people are afraid of. I was really surprised by all the stars that were afraid of flying.

What are you afraid of?


~ Amanda