Choose Your Task Pane

Do you use and like the Task Pane found in the newer versions of MS Office?

Ever find that you’re not sure which features of the program have a Task Pane? For example, you’re working and it’s doing a nice job of switching at appropriate times to help you with different features. That’s all good and fine, but when you, let’s say go to the Insert menu, Picture submenu, Clip Art choice, the result is a switch in the Task Pane.

Wouldn’t it be faster to be able to access and switch the Task Pane directly? In many cases, it is.

So, we’re looking for the list of options that the Task Pane can help us with.

No problem.

It’s been there, right before your eyes the whole time.

Take a look at the title bar of the Task Pane. See the down arrow?

If you click this arrow, you’ll see a list of available options.

Select one from the list and in a zip, you’re looking at the Task Pane for the feature you need. There are no round about ways through menus and submenus. It’s just simple direct access to the Task Pane of your choice.

~ April