Edit the Link Bar

We only have a couple more FrontPage tutorials left, so I hope that you all have learned something from all of this. Today, we’re going to work on editing the link bar. The link bar is the set of items you have listed on your page that each have their own links to go out to the different pages of your Web site. You may have a link that says “Home,” one that says “About Me,” “Photos,” etc. You can have as many links as you want, as long as they are correspond and relate to your Web site.

The link bar helps your viewers navigate through your site, so you want to make the links easy to understand and simple to get to. We’re just going to go through a few examples in this article, so you can get the idea, but remember, you can make as many links as you want for your site.

1.) Let’s open up FrontPage so we can get started on this. To get to where we can edit the link bar, hold down your Ctrl key and click on the About Me link. This will bring up a sample About Me page. To remove the default text, highlight it and click Cancel or Delete. Then you can type in your own information in the space provided.

2.) Go ahead and type in what you want about yourself here. Tell your viewers a little about yourself: where you’re from, where you grew up, what you’re doing now, etc.

3.) Now, we’ll move on the Interests link. Hold the Ctrl key and click on Interests. Here you can tell your viewers all about your interests. What do you like to do? Play sports, go to movies, relax, work in your garden, cook? Dish it all out here!

4.) The next item is Favorites and we will focus on this one for awhile longer. Here you can tell your readers all about your favorite things: your favorite foods, your favorite type of movie, favorite vacation, Web sites you like to visit, etc. Anything you want!

5.) If you talk about your favorite Web sites, you may want to link out to those sites, so your readers can visit them too. For example, one of my favorite Web sites is one called Friendster. So, type in Friendster in the Favorites section of your site and then highlight those words. Now, go up to the top menu bar, click on Insert and choose Hyperlink (it’s the last choice in the menu).

6.) A box will appear and this is where you will link the Web site. In the Text to display spot, type in something like My Friendster, or whatever you want to name it. (This will be the text that shows up on your Web site. The actual URL address will not). Now, look for the Address spot and type in the actual address of the Web site. For our example, it will be http://www.friendster.com. You have to make sure you have the whole address typed in (including the http://).

7.) Another thing to consider is if you want the Web site to open in a new window whenever anyone clicks on it. This is often a good idea, because your viewers won’t have to worry about clicking the Back button to get back to your original site. If you want to do this, click on Target Frame. A new box will come up and you can choose New Window. When you’re all done, click OK.

Once you have one of your favorite Web sites linked, you can go back and follow the same directions for each one. This is a neat feature, because often your viewers like to see the sites that you like and it also creates more good traffic for the Web sites.

You, of course, do not have to do this part if you don’t want to, but it adds a little extra personal touch if you do. Everyone’s Web site is intended for different uses though, so it may not be realistic for you to do this. Have fun!

~ Robert Desacada