Web Site Feedback

Today is the last of the FrontPage tutorials and I must say I’ve enjoyed our time together. I hope you all have learned something as well and I hope your Web site design and creation is well on its way!

The last thing I’m going to explain is feedback. As you all may know, feedback is generally the information you get from someone who has viewed your work. It could be good or bad criticism or praise. Well, you can also get feedback from your viewers on your Web site. You can set aside a page in your link bar (what we discussed yesterday) for people to be able to leave you comments about your work.

Of course, this is not mandatory and it’s only if you would like to hear what other people think of your site. It’s a good thing to have for a business Web site, so you can learn what others like and grow from their suggestions. It’s also neat for a Web site about your family, because your viewers can leave comments about memories, about their own families or just leave messages saying hello.

So, let’s get started. Open up FrontPage and on the beginning page, hold down your Ctrl key and click on Feedback. FrontPage actually has a page all set up for those who want feedback. (If you don’t want it on your site, just don’t click on it). To insert the feedback page into your site, you can just leave the FrontPage one unchanged or you can add different things.

The tutorial page has a place for visitors to mark if they are going to leave a comment, a problem, a suggestion or praise. They can put in a subject for the comment and then type in what they want to say in the space that is provided. There is also a section where they can leave their information so you can get back in touch with them.

This step of your Web site is pretty easy. You don’t have to do much unless you want a completely different feedback page from what FrontPage offers. The only thing with this is that you have to make sure that your host provider (whoever you have to host your Web site) supports FrontPage extensions. Otherwise, the feedback part will not work on your Web site, so make sure you check with your host to see if they accept FrontPage extensions.

Other than that, you’re all set with creating your site, changing templates, editing and customizing your site, working with the photo gallery, including the link bar and now, feedback. Good luck with the rest of your site plans and as always, have fun!

~ Robert Desacada