Odd Music

I must be on a music kick this week. Actually it is probably because it is spring. I am doing a lot of house cleaning and I listen to lots of music while I clean.

(You do need Quick Time to listen to the music samples on this site. You can get it here).

This site is devoted to odd musical instruments. You can get the instrument’s name, its description and then if you click the little speaker icon, you can hear what it sounds like. Each name is a link. Just click the instrument’s name to see a picture and get more information about it.

Or, if you’d rather, you can just click the Grand Tour link near the top of the page and go through the entire gallery, which is what I did. To surf through, click the next button. To go back, click the back button. You get all the information, pictures and the ability to use the sound link this way all at once as well.

A lot of these instruments are simply amazing; both in looks and in sound. Some look so strange that you can’t believe they make music. I really appreciate that they included sound clips for some of them. For example, the Windform, the Uncello, the ‘jomama, the Due Capi and many more.

I want to mention that a lot of these instruments have great links attached to them for your viewing pleasure. I did not have time to visit all the links, but some of the ones I did were excellent. So, if you find a favorite instrument, don’t be afraid to explore it and learn more about it!

Some of my favorites are the trimeister, the dulcimer, the didjibodhrán, bandura, chrysalis and of course, the didgeridoo.


~ Amanda