The Original Tipping Page

Do you ever find yourself lost at how much you should tip someone? Or, even when it is appropriate to leave a tip? I know that I’ve had that problem in the past. Well, no more! Now, you can find out how much it is appropriate to tip in many different situations.

There are a lot of instances where you are supposed to tip that I didn’t even know about. For example, you should tip at the casino, the dog groomer and on a cruise ship.

What you’re looking at, once the page loads, is a menu and each link is a category. Click the area you want to learn about. For example, Pet Related Services. Now, you’re on the page where you can see the service listed in one column (Dog Groomer) and the correct way to tip and how much to tip in another column. I didn’t realize you should tip a dog groomer 15 percent of the bill and an extra couple dollars per dog. Wow!

Some of the categories have sub categories as well. For example, click on Holiday (like vacation) Tipping Guidelines. Once the page loads, you’ll see three more categories for you to choose from that could be holiday related: Apartment Building Staff, Health Clubs or Spas and Others. Each of those categories have their own tipping guides attached.

This site even helps you learn how to tip correctly at the hotels you stay at and it will help prevent you from tipping people who shouldn’t even get a tip. This site even tells you when not to tip! For example, you are at a buffet and the wait staff only gives you your utensils. Do you really need to tip them for that? No! But, if you’re at a buffet and they bring you drinks or food from the kitchen, then yes, you should tip them.

Take the guess work out of tipping and check out this site!

~ Amanda