Address Book

So, you may use an address book in Outlook Express to keep track of everyone’s e-mail addresses, but did you know that you can access that same address book another way? Just go to Start, All Programs, Accessories and then choose Address Book.

The little address book box will appear on your screen and it will show all of the names you already have added to your list. Well, what if you wanted to make some changes to those names? Maybe you’d like to add some information about those people. You can add everything from their home address to the names of their kids if you want!

To do this, just click on the Properties icon or go to File and choose Properties. You will see a line of different tabs that you can choose from. There’s Summary, Name, Home, Business, Personal, Other, NetMeeting and Digital IDs. The Summary tab shows all of the information you have listed for that particular person. Click on the Name tab to add some name and e-mail address details or click on the Address tab to insert their home address and phone numbers.

You can even go to the Personal tab and add their spouse and children’s names, their birth date and even their anniversary date. Utilizing all this address book has to offer can save you time when you’re trying to find some information about a certain person. Maybe you want to send them a letter, but you can’t find their address right away. If you have everything listed in this book, it makes it all much easier!

You can add as many friends as you want to this address book and again, you can access it through Outlook Express (Tools, Address Book) or through the Start menu. Never forget (or lose) information about your friends again!

~ Erin