Have you ever been in a junk store and see a pile of old cameras for sale? Or, maybe even a box that looks like it should be something, but you just don’t know what it is. You ask and you’re told that it is an old camera. Well, I’ve done both, so I was really excited when this site was submitted to me.

The site is pretty easy to navigate. Just click on any picture of a camera to read the review of it. So , go ahead and pick whichever camera catches your eye. I’m drawn to box cameras myself; mainly because they are old and rather mysterious to me. I know, I’m silly, but it’s true. Each review will tell you what kind of film the camera uses and you even get to see pictures that the camera took! To get back to the cameras, just click the Camera Review link on the side menu.

Now, the side menu also contains great links. There you will find the following:

What’s New – the newest reviewed cameras can be found here.

Gala Collection – here you will see old junk store cameras that have been all dolled up. Whether it’s with rhinestones, beads or doll parts, you definitely see some interesting cameras; especially the one with doll parts making a camera into abstract funny art.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Junk Store Cameras. I know I did. Hopefully, I’ll resist the urge to hit the thrift/junk stores in search of cameras!


~ Amanda