Missing E-mail

I know we’ve covered this topic before, but every single day, it seems as if I get at least 20 e-mails from people saying they are not receiving WorldStart’s newsletters (or even other e-mails they were expecting), so I figured it was worth repeating. It’s a big confusion and a big headache for those who don’t get the e-mails that they are looking forward to each day. So, what causes this? Is it you or is it the person sending you the e-mail?

Well, to begin, if you’ve signed up for some type of newsletter (WorldStart’s or others), it is coming from a certain service provider. A lot of times, service providers set up different restrictions on how they deliver e-mail to you. If your e-mail and the provider don’t see eye to eye, it could prevent you from getting the mail you requested.

Another common thing that happens is that the e-mail is automatically filtered into your Deleted Items folder, a Junk folder, a Bulk folder or even a Spam folder. So, if you aren’t receiving some e-mails, check in those folders first, because they might just be sitting there waiting for you. If this is the case, you may have to change some settings in your e-mail so they will come through. You can create a special folder for those specific e-mails to go into or you can create a whitelist for the sender.

You should also add the sender’s e-mail address to your Address Book. This will also help your e-mail to see that incoming mail from certain senders is A OK! To do this in Outlook Express, find the e-mail from the sender you want to add to your book and right click on the message and choose “Add this sender to address book.”

For AOL e-mail, view a message from the sender you want to add and find the “Address to Address book” icon on the far right side of the window. Click on the icon and then choose Save.

For Hotmail users, view a message from the sender and click on “Save Address” at the right hand side of the toolbar. It will then prompt you to enter some details about the sender if you want and then click OK.

Yahoo! users just need to view a message from the sender and click on the “Add to Address Book” icon. Once that is done, the sender’s e-mail address will come up in a different text box and you just need to click on “Add to Address Book” again to finish.

If you use Thunderbird e-mail, go to your Inbox and double click the name or the address in the “Sender” column. The e-mail message will then come up on your screen in a separate window. Now, right click on the sender’s name or address and choose “Add to Address Book.” Then click OK to finish.

And last, but not least, if you use Microsoft Outlook, go to your Inbox and double click on the name or address in the “From” column. This will bring the message to its full screen size. Next, right click on the sender’s name or address and choose “Add to Outlook Contacts” and then click OK.

Now, if you’ve gone through all the above instructions and you’re still having trouble getting the e-mails you’re expecting, you may need to contact your ISP about the problem. Sometimes other people who use the same e-mail client as you continuously complain about certain e-mails being spam. Well, those certain e-mails just might be the newsletter or other e-mail you do want. So, if enough people complain, an ISP will sometimes block that e-mail so no one can get it. If you talk to your ISP, they might be able to set up some specific rules just for your account so you can start getting the e-mails you want again. Then, everyone will live happily ever after in e-mail heaven!

~ Erin