How To Clean Anything

That’s right, our minds have all turned to Spring cleaning. It’s getting warmer, or if you live in Ohio like me, rainier. It’s rained constantly for about a week now. At least that probably means Spring is here to stay though!

Okay, since I started this out by talking about Spring cleaning, you will find an excellent Spring cleaning check list/guide in the first orangey – tan colored box. It is labeled Spring. This guide has everything from beds, winter clothes and pools to a Spring House Checkup. This guide gave me some ideas on places I wouldn’t normally check up on. I found it very useful.

Now, as to the rest of the navigation, you will find the menu bar across the top of the page. The sections are: Home Interior, Home Exterior, Pets, Auto, Recreation, Stains, Search Tips and Submit a Tip. If you scroll your mouse over these tabs, you will find that they have a rollover menu that drops down when you mouse over them. This details what is in the section.

You will also find that there are some great featured articles right on the main page. There is even a Tip of the Day section! While I was there, some of the features were cleaning your keyboard, cleaning up vomit, the skinny on brooms, pet urine and cleaning records. And that’s just a handful.
Even if you think it’s gross, knowing how to clean up vomit will make your life easier, because at some point somewhere, you may just have to do it. Like when your dog throws up four times in four hours because he ate the cat litter. Yes, that truly happened to me, just last week.

So, if you have something you need to clean and everything you’ve tried isn’t working, you can always check out this site. Or, if you want to know how to clean something before you begin, this site is also great for that.

Happy cleaning!

~ Amanda