Are You an End User?

You probably hear that term all the time. I know we use it in our articles quite a bit. So, have you ever wondered what it actually means? You might have an idea, but would you like a more based definition of the term? If so, keep reading!

An end user is basically anyone who a software program or a hardware piece is created for. In other words, it’s any user of computer products. In even less words, it’s you! You are a consumer and these products are made for people like you to buy them and use them. The term is based on an “end goal” with the end goal being that the consumer likes the product and that it is useful for them.

End users are put into different categories than the installers, administrators, the developers and the programmers. They create programs and other devices to be tested, marketed, installed, etc. Then consumers like you are able to use them and you help them reach their full potential. You also help troubleshoot the products by calling tech support and asking about certain things that aren’t working. This helps the programmers and everyone else involved to discard any bugs or mistakes that may lie in the item.

Don’t you feel special now, knowing that you, an end user, does all that?! : )

~ Erin