Use That CD

If you followed the tip about backing up your e-mails, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to actually read those e-mails once the backup process is done. Have you? Well, wonder no more, because here is your answer!

So, you’ve got the CD you used to back up your e-mails. When you created it (burnt the information onto the CD), you probably chose to make a data CD or whatever your burning software called for.

Go ahead and put the CD in your computer and your system should recognize it and open up a window. It will prompt you to open up your CD drive (usually F:), but if it doesn’t, double click on your My Computer icon and find your CD drive and double click on that as well. A new window will open and all of the e-mails you saved should be listed there.

You can double click on whichever one you want to read and go from there. If you want to rename the e-mails so you have a better idea of which is which, you can do that as well. Just highlight the e-mail you want to name, right click and choose Rename. You can then type in whatever name you want to use. That will help you keep track of the e-mails. If you decide you want to delete one off the CD, right click on it again and choose Delete.

All of your e-mails are a quick “pop in the CD and a few clicks” away!

~ Erin