BCC Those Groups

Ever since we ran the tips on e-mail groups, people have been asking if you can still use the BCC feature with those groups. Well, you certainly can. Even though you have a group created, the BCC option doesn’t change. When you make a group, some e-mail programs embed all of the addresses you included into the group name and that is all that shows up in the To: spot when you go to write your e-mail.

For example, if I made a group entitled “Card Club” and I put 10 e-mail addresses in that group, when I create my e-mail, all that would show in the To: line would be “Card Club.” If your e-mail program handles groups this way, you don’t even really need to worry about the BCC option, because the addresses are safe from each other as it is.

But, if your e-mail provider lists all of the e-mail addresses you put into a certain group, you can still use BCC normally. You will just place your group name into the BCC line. It works exactly the same as it did before you created a group.

So, basically nothing changes with your e-mail even if you do have groups. You can still use the BCC option for extra security and secrecy if you want.

If you need a refresher on the BCC feature, read this tip. That covers Outlook Express and AOL. For Yahoo!, you can get the BCC option by clicking on the link that says “Add BCC” in the Compose window and in Hotmail, BCC is already included in the New Message window. And lastly, in Thunderbird, you can get the BCC line by clicking on the little down arrow right next to the To: line in the Compose window.

~ Erin