Gas Price Watch

I know you probably think I’m going nuts with all these gas sites, but I really want you to be able to get the best deal for gas around your area. Gas prices have already climbed into the $2.85 range here and they show no sign of slowing in their climb up to $3.00. So, it’s really important to me to find the best deal on gas in town.

This site is awesome. You’ll notice that you are greeted by a page that asks if it’s your first time visiting Gas Price Watch. This page will tell you how everything works, what Gas Price Watch’s goals are, why you should register and more. Notice you don’t have to register to use this site, but if you do, there is a lot of customizing you can do to make it more personal.

On the left hand side of this page, you will find the search engines. You get several options when it comes to searching the database. You can use the Intersection Search, Zip Code Search, Advanced Search or even the Lat/Long Search.

You’ll also notice that across the top of the “first time here” section, there are yellow tabbed sections. They are Start a Search, Search Results, My Page, How Do I? and My Route. The How Do I? section is the one to hit if you are confused and have questions.

On the dark gray box at the top of the page, you will find the highest, lowest and average prices in the U.S. You can also check out the scrolling bar, located along the gray bar, for a list of gas prices that have recently been spotted and added to the database.

This site is just another way to keep money in your wallet and out of your gas tank. I know I am definitely adding it to my favorites. Check it out!

~ Amanda