Before the Games Begin

If you are a big gamer (or maybe someone else in your household is), you are probably so excited every time you get a new game. You anticipate being able to play it and you just can’t wait for the installation process to finish so you can get started! Well, not to burst your bubble, but there are some things you should do even before you start installing the new game on your computer. Bummer, huh?! But, it will help you in the long run.

Before you even get that game near your computer, you should first run a disk cleanup. To do this, double click on your My Computer icon and then right click on your C: drive. Select Properties and then click on the Disk Cleanup button. This will remove some unnecessary files on your system so there will be more room for your game. Next, you should run a ScanDisk (called Error Checking in XP). For XP, right click on your C: drive again and choose Properties, Tools tab. Just hit the Check Now button and you’ll be all set. Other versions can get there by going to Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, ScanDisk. This will help fix any errors that lie in your system.

Once that is done, you should run a defrag on your system, which we have recently been talking about for awhile now, so just follow this tip. Finally, before you put your new game in to install, make sure you close any other programs you had open. You can use the Task Manager to close these out easily. Just hit Ctrl + Alt + Del and close them out one by one.

If you perform all of these cautionary tasks before you install a new game onto your computer, the game will run smoother without any freeze ups and you will have a better chance of a clean and proper install. You will also probably combat any error messages that may have popped up before. Now that you know your computer is ready, go have fun playing your new game!

~ Erin