Well, if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a rather crafty kind of person. I crochet, make soap, paint (badly), cook, scrapbook, etc. One thing I’ve always wanted to learn to do was pottery. After seeing this site, it has just renewed my interest in the craft. I fell in love with the beauty of these pots.

When you get to the site, you’ll find the menu right in the middle of the pot like image. If you mouse over the links on the image, the pot will change colors, showing you an example of what you’ll be looking at.

Pit Fired Pottery – Not only do you get a description of what this kind of pottery entails to create, you also get five images of finished pieces. You can also mouse over the center of the pictures to see larger views of them. These have lovely random colorization and I think they are quite beautiful.

Naked Clay (Terra Sigilatta) – Here you learn all about how this type of pottery is made, as well as, some history behind the process. Again, you get five images, so you get a great idea of what this type of pottery looks like. These pieces are unglazed, because their shine comes from the process.

Raku Pottery – This is a traditional Japanese way of firing pottery. It produces a lovely crackled look. I think these are really pretty. But, the method to make them sounds rather dangerous. I really liked all of the pictures used as examples in this section.

Carved Pottery – I really love this style. These are very amazing to me. To me, they seem antique because of their design. It’s almost as if they were something you’d find on an archeological dig in the middle of nowhere. The process is very interesting as well.

About the Artist – This is where you can learn all about the artist! You can also click on the link at the top of the page to view more images of pottery. The link reads “To View Current Work Click Here.”

Raku Fish Gallery – You have to go back to the main page to get here. If you mouse over the fish on this page, it will tell you what each section is. You can see the process of making fish in one section, you can also check out the fish gallery (there are seven pages of fish) or you can use this section to get a look at some current work that isn’t fish!


~ Amanda