Create Your Own Toolbar

Do you access the same links daily and have a favorite search engine? If so, this tip will show you how to create a toolbar with all of your favorite links and more.

Chances are, you’ve probably have a toolbar in your Internet browser like one of these:

These are toolbars created by Google and Yahoo! to allow you quick access to their features. A Web site, has a simple online tool that allows you to create a toolbar for yourself. It even includes a free download location, RSS reader, radio, search and much more.

Creating the toolbar is easy because of the simple interface of Since they give you a download Web site, it’s easy to share with friends and family.

For my example, I decided to make a WorldStart bar. I made it with links to the Store and the Tip Section. I also added an RSS feed of the daily tips.

To make your own:

1. Go to

2. Select the Create your own toolbar option and click Next.

3. Next, you pick a logo. This logo will be displayed to the left of your toolbar. You can either upload an image or create one with text. I uploaded a WorldStart logo.

After you choose your image, click Next.

4. Now, we will choose a search engine. This is the engine that will be used when you enter a term in the search box. Select a search engine you like from the list and click Next.

5. Next, we will add buttons to your toolbar. Select an icon from the list. Be sure to hit More to see all of the icons you can choose from. Then type the text you would like to appear next to the icon and type the URL of the Web site the button will go to when clicked. So, I picked a CD icon from the Classic icons and typed “Software Store” as my caption text, with the URL as When you’re finished, click Next.

6. The next step asks you basic information about your toolbar and yourself, such as the Toolbar Name, E-mail, etc.

7. A message will appear alerting you that your toolbar is done. Click Close in the bottom right corner.

8. Then, your toolbar will be finalized, and ready to use. To add more features, click one of the components on the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. For the WorldStart toolbar, I added an RSS feed of tips, a Message Board button and an E-mail Notifier. You can choose what you want. And remember, you don’t have to make a WorldStart toolbar. You can make one for all of your favorite sites or whatever you’d like!

9. Your toolbar is now finished. To download it, click the link at the top of the page.

10. Now you can share your toolbar with your family and friends by e-mailing them the link. Cool, huh?

Here’s how my toolbar came out:

(Please note that your toolbar will not be doubled up like this. It will just be one continuous bar. I just couldn’t get the whole thing to fit across the screen. So, just imagine those two pictures side by side and that is what your toolbar will actually look like).

You can experiment with making your own toolbar, but you can also download the one I made here: WorldStart toolbar.

At setup, make sure you check the pop up blocker and the e-mail notifier. The notifier can tell you when new e-mails are sent to any of your Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or POP3 accounts.

Now, go have fun creating your own toolbar!

~ Neil Patel