Take Me Fishing

One of my favorite summer activities when I was kid was going fishing with my dad. I was watching TV the other day and a commercial came on for this site. It touched my heart and made me remember all those times I went fishing with my dad.

You can actually view a couple of these commercials on the site. Just go to the Share Your Passion section of the main image and click the link e-mail a friend, and you can see the commercials. I sent them to my him.

At this site, you can learn about boating, fishing, safety and even check out the Kid’s Fishing Hall of Fame. I learned a lot of interesting things while visiting the site. I learned that there was a Kid’s Fishing Hall of Fame and that National Fishing and Boating week is June 3rd through the 11th.

Another of my favorite features is the light blue section: Search For, which provides you links to some of the most commonly searched for information. Some being: Places to Boat and Fish and Helpful Resources: Clubs, Kids Programs and more. Or if you have a specific subject in mind, just type it in at the top of the page and click Go.

So, whether fishing is a nostalgic way to get in touch with your childhood, it’s something brand new that you are just learning or maybe sharing with your children, this site has tons of pertinent information on the subject! Happy fishing!


~ Amanda