You keep talking about FrontPage, but can you give a basic overview of the program? I think I would like to get it to start my own Web site, but I would just like a little more of a description about it first.

I thank you for asking this because it would have been really smart to do this way before we even started the FrontPage tutorials that we’ve been doing for awhile now. But, I guess it’s better late than never, right? Also, this will probably help those of you who have been reading the tips and would like to start your own sites, but you just weren’t sure what all you would be getting yourself into. Hopefully this article will help clear things up.

To begin, the latest version of FrontPage is FrontPage 2003. There is a 2002 and a 2000 version, but I’m going to focus mainly on 2003. Their motto, so to say, is that “FrontPage 2003 provides the features, flexibility and functionality to help you build better Web sites.” Microsoft has planned this program to help people like you find ease in creating a Web site. FrontPage is also known for “the professional design, authoring, data and publishing tools needed to create dynamic and sophisticated Web sites.” Oooh la la, sounds impressive, huh?!

FrontPage also helps to advance your skills with designing, coding and extending.

Designing: You can practice your Web development with the enhanced design tools that FrontPage offers. Different types of layouts and graphic tools will help you get the most out of your site. They will help produce better looking sites and you will be happier with your end result.

Coding: If you’ve worked a lot with coding, you probably have noticed that it can sometimes be a little confusing. FrontPage makes this process a little easier for you. You can use the included design tools to generate better code and it will also help you to increase your code skills. There are even built in scripting tools for you to use and with the professional coding tools that you can practice with, you will be able to write code faster, more efficiently and with better accuracy.

Extending: What’s this? This may be the term that you haven’t heard much about before. (I know I haven’t heard a lot about it). Well, you may not know much about it, because it’s a rare feature that can only be used with the Microsoft Windows Server™ 2003. Basically, it is an “extensible stylesheet language” that allows you to connect with people and other information. The advanced features that this offers also helps you get your Web site up and running much faster.

The next thing you may be wondering about is how you can purchase FrontPage for your personal computer. Well, the best way would probably be to buy it from Microsoft’s Web site. They have a whole section devoted just to FrontPage and you are able to order it right then and there. When I looked at the site, the new user price was approximately $199.00 for the U.S. They also offer an upgrade package, if you happen to be looking into upgrading. If you’re wanting to get FrontPage for multiple computers, you may be interested in the Volume Licensing and Academic Licensing that they offer.

The Web site also has all of the system requirements, some FAQs and some other helpful information that you will want to read through before you purchase anything. All of the before mentioned information can be found here on the FrontPage homepage.

Hopefully this will help you understand what FrontPage is all about and make your decision a little easier as to if you want to buy it or not. Until then, be sure to check out today’s Tip of the Day (down below) for yet another tutorial!

~ Erin