Have you ever heard the term “hit”? Do you have any idea what it refers to in means of the Internet world? If you have heard of it, are you really sure you know what it means?

There is actually a big misconception with this term. Many people think a hit refers to the number of visits a certain Web site gets. They think every time someone goes to a site, it gets one more hit to add to their count. Well, this is just not true. The term is still connected with Web sites, but it really means something different.

A hit is actually a request made to a Web server. For example, if you go to a Web site that has six images included on the homepage, the browser must make a request to the server for the six images and one for the HTML of the site. So, once all of those requests are made, seven hits are actually recorded, instead of just six.

The other way the term hit is used is within search engine results. When you do a search on Google (or whatever your favorite search engine is) and you get your results, each of those is called a hit. So, if the search engine finds 400 matches to your inquiry, you received back 400 hits.

Now that there is no confusion with this term, you can go impress your buddies and tell them how many hits you got on your search today!

~ Erin