Be A Master Typist

So, what kind of a typist are you? Are you a touch type or a hunt and peck type? It doesn’t matter which way you type, but either way you do it, you can always improve.

First of all, a touch type typist is one who can type with a keyboard without having to look down at the keys. It may sound harder than it really is to learn how to do this. If you type a lot, you get lots of practice, and practice is the only way you can learn to touch type. The more you type, the more your fingers get a feel for the keyboard and before you know it, you’ll be typing faster without ever having to look down.

A hunt and peck typist (probably pretty self explanatory) is one who needs to look at the keys to type the right letter. Usually after one finds the letter, they peck at the key (hit it really quick), hence the term hunt and peck. Usually a hunt and peck typist uses one finger to do all the work, while touch typers use all their fingers.

Now, if you are unhappy with the kind of typist you are, there are several online tutorials that can help you learn the keyboard better. For instance, go here and you will see a module (with pictures) that will help you place your fingers in the correct places. If you practice with this often, you will eventually be able to type at a quicker pace. This is just one of the many free typing lessons that you can access via the Internet.

So, go out and change your typing ways (if you want to!) : )

~ Erin