I was just wondering about the history of Windows. When did it all get started? Do you have any facts you can share?

There are some pretty interesting facts available out there today. This is a little different question than we normally get, but it’s kinda fun, so let’s learn about the history of Windows!

You use your computer every day and your Windows operating system is always there to help you get your stuff done. Well, Windows started doing that in November of 1983 and it sold for $100.00 back then. (That’s the year I was born, wow!) On down through the 80s, Microsoft kept coming out with different versions. Windows 1.0 in 1985 and 2.0 in 1987 and they both sold for $100.00 as well.

Next, there was Windows 386 and 286 and in 1990, Microsoft announced Windows 3.0, with the full version being sold for $149.95. They even had an upgrade version for $79.95. Version 3.1 came in April of 1992 and there were more than one million copies of it sold in the first two months of its release. In August of 1993, Windows NT 3.1 was released and there was record of over 25 million licensed users by the end of 1993.

There was a couple more years of Windows NT (3.5 and 3.51) and then finally in 1995, Windows 95 was featured and it sold more than one million copies in only four days. Were you one of those buyers?!

Next, Microsoft released NT 4.0 and then a couple versions of CE until the grand feature of Windows 98 in June of 1998. The second edition (98 SE) then came out in May of 1999. Windows 2000 came in February of that year, closely followed by Windows ME (Millennium) in June of 2000.

Of course, next came Windows XP in October 2001 and by this time, of course, Microsoft was ever so popular and just about everyone was using one version or another of Windows. Microsoft came out with the Windows Server 2003 in March 2003 and that was its last launch thus far.

But, on July 23, 2005, they announced the newest version, which will be code named “Longhorn,” but will be known to you as Windows Vista. What will they come up with next?!

~ Erin