One, Two, Three…

Ever wish that you could get MS Word to display your page numbers as words? You know, actually write out One, Two or Three?

Since page numbers expressed as words is not a choice listed in the page number format list, it sounded like a unique trick to know. Therefore, I thought we’d take a look at it today.

The basic idea of what we’ll do is replace the field code for numeric page numbers with one that triggers Word to insert the page numbers as words. So, to begin, you’ll want to insert page numbers the usual way into your document.

Once the page numbers are inserted, you’ll need to see the field code. Press Alt + F9 and you’ll see the numbers switch to the code.

At this point, we’ll substitute the field code “PAGE” with “PAGE \*CardText \*Caps.” (Do not insert the quotes and be sure to place a space before each backslash).

With the substitution complete, hit Alt + F9 again to switch back from the field code to the data.

Voila! You should now see your page number like this:

I also found that I could make a similar substitution for page numbering in the format of Page X of Y.

The original field code of “Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}” was replaced with “Page {PAGE \*CardText \*Caps} of {NUMPAGES \*CardText \*Caps}.” (Once again, do not use the quotes).

And there you have it! Page numbers without the traditional “numbers!”

~ April