Fix It With A Click, Click

Use MS Excel charts frequently? Ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve gone completely through the charting process, had a beautiful graph and realized that you spelled a word wrong?

What now?

Do you have to start all over?

Oh, I hope not! There must be a quick and easy solution somewhere.

Breathe easy, there is!

Mistakes in an Excel chart are often fixed with just a click, click.

Did you know that the chart and the data are connected? (A change in the data will automatically change the chart).

Well, this also works with the data labels you highlighted to create the chart. If there’s a misspelled word, you can correct it right in the worksheet and just like magic, the chart is fixed too.

But, what about all the other titles you put into the graph?

Don’t worry, they’re also easy to fix.

Simply click twice on the title to be changed.

That’s right, just click, click.

Well, actually, it’s click, wait a second and click again.

You will get a cursor in the text, so you can make the necessary changes.

When you finish, simply click somewhere else in the graph.

Mistakes are all gone!

P.S. – Did you click twice too fast (in other words, you actually did a double click?) What did you get? Maybe a window with a few tabs and a bunch of options you can change, right? Want to know what all that’s about?


Good, then take a look at tomorrow’s tip to find the scoop on customizing your MS Excel charts! : )

~ April