Searching in MySpace

Yesterday, under the Q & A section, we went over the basics of what MySpace is and how you can use the site to meet new people, stay in touch with old friends, network, etc. So, maybe after reading that, you got really excited and you went and created your own profile. Now, all you want to do is start searching for other people so you can get your friend list built up. There are actually four different ways to search in MySpace, so let’s get started!

1.) The first of the four is by just using the search box. This box is found at the very top of the page (your profile page). You’ll want to select the MySpace choice instead of the Web option. Once you change that, you can type in a person’s name or just different keywords. This search option is a little more broad than some of the others, because it gives you tons of results. For example, if you put a person’s name in, your results will show everyone on MySpace who has the same name. It’s a little hard to find certain people that way. If you’re just doing a search for random people, this could work well though.

2.) At the top of your profile, there is a line of links that you can use for your own personal use. It goes from Home to Browse to Search, etc. Click on Search and a new page will open where you can search by different categories. You’ll probably want to skip the first one (Search MySpace Profiles), because it’s going to give you the same results as above. So, go to the second option, which is Find a Friend. Here you can search by a name, a display name or by an e-mail address. There is also a Classmate Finder where you can search by school name, country or state/province. You can then see who all from your high school has a MySpace profile. And lastly, there is an Affiliations for Networking search area. This can be used if you’re using MySpace for networking. You can find people who are interested in the same type of field you are and you can search by keywords to narrow your results down a bit.

3.) The third way to search is via the Browse link (which is located right between Home and Search). This may be the best way to search on MySpace, because it gives you a lot of choices for your search criteria. Here you can do a basic search and you can go by gender, age, relationship status, geographic distance, etc. This is mainly for people who are looking for other singles or more friends.

4.) The last one is by doing an advanced search under the Browse link (same as above). The Advanced tab is right next to the Basic tab and if you decide to go this route, you have a lot more criteria to choose from. This search adds such things as ethnicity, body type, height, education, religion, etc.

As you can see, MySpace is a very detailed Web site and there are many ways you can find the people you are looking for. So, go ahead and start searching! See what old friends you can find and what new people you can meet!

~ Erin