When you use your computer (especially if you’re using it all day long), you probably open and close several applications through the course of time. Well, each time you open a new program and close it out, your Windows operating system retains tiny fragments of those applications and they are not removed completely off your system until you shut your computer down for the day.

For example, every time you open up any game, any MS Office program, every time you download something, small pieces of those programs are kept on your system. So, the best way to handle these fragments and to keep your computer running at its best, you should do a “lunchtime shutdown” every so often.

When you’re ready for lunch, log off your computer (if necessary), shut it down and just turn it completely off. Then wait a few seconds before turning it back on. When it’s finished restarting, start a complete antivirus system scan and then go to lunch, leaving your computer alone. When you get back from lunch (or whenever the scan is done), you should have a virus free, a fragment free, a “like brand new” computer to work with for the remainder of the day.

It’s like starting with a clean slate for your afternoon work. Now, if you don’t open very many programs during the day, you won’t need to worry about this as much. But, if you are constantly going from program to program, this is a smart idea to keep your system as safe as it can be.

~ Erin