Playa del Carmen

Have you been thinking about taking off for a vacation? Well, a lot of people head to Mexico for vacation and now you can get a travel guide that’s written by the locals. And yes, there’s a live cam (it seems like all the sites I’m finding recently have them). There are also videos you can watch, which you can find under the Multimedia tab.

You can find the navigation of this site along the top tabs or in the sections displayed on the front page. For most sites, I like the tabs for navigation, but I actually like the sections for this one better, because they really describe what is in each section.

The sections are: Forum, Trip Planning, Real Estate, Multimedia, Read More, Reviews and Directory.

Forum – This is where you can communicate with other people planning a visit, as well as, the locals.

Trip Planning – This section is all about finding hotels, villas, tours, etc. I believe it is an advertisement of their services; however, I am notorious for comparing and contrasting these kinds of offers when I travel, and I bet you could use it that way too. I like the tour information too, because it gives you a good idea of what kinds of things there are for you to do once you get there.

Real Estate – Are you thinking of buying some real estate in Mexico? These are like condominiums I believe. Again, this could be used to compare and contrast real estate in Mexico.

Read More – This section is a gem. Here you get bombarded in a great way with excellent information. Learn about food, things to do while you are there, the city itself, the Mayan culture and much, much more.

Reviews – Here you will find reviews of places, things to do and even what to drink while you are in Mexico.

Directory – Here you can check out places to eat and see their reviews, as well as, some stores and tours!

I think this site will give you a real heads up if you were planning on traveling to Mexico. It is a great idea generator. No one ever said that you had to use the stuff on their site for what they intended. If you are planning a trip, I’d look up a couple more sites and compare them to get the best info, and make the most out of your trip.

~ Amanda