Give the Assistant a Vacation

Tired of the office assistant popping up every time you turn around?

Want to access the online help directly with no “middle man” needed?

Well, then you’re in luck!

Here’s the scoop on getting the little guy to take a semi-permanent vacation!

First, you need to get to the assistant’s options. You can right click on him and choose Options from the menu or you can just click on him and choose the Options button in the window.

Either way, once you’re in the Office Assistant window, you’re looking for the Options tab.

The first section is titled “Use the Office Assistant.” You should notice that this title is also a check box.

Uncheck the box.

Click OK.

Voila! The assistant is all gone!

Change your mind? Do you miss the little guy?

No problem.

Simply go to the Help menu and choose “Show the Office Assistant” from the list.

And there he is, smiling away at you like he never left!

~ April