Google Earth Updates

Awhile back, we ran an article about Google Earth. We discussed everything that Google Earth includes and we gave our praise to the program, because it’s just so darn cool. Well, lucky for all of us, Google has come out with some even cooler updates to this multifaceted program.

To refresh your memory a little, Google Earth is the company’s main mapping suite. It offers up all types of geographical information and it helps users find everything they could ever need through a map sequence. Google Earth works along with Google Maps to provide an abundance of information. So, one year later (June 12, 2006), Google has announced some prominent changes to what already makes Google Earth an awesome program.

So, if you are a regular user of Google Earth or if you’re interested in starting to use it, here are some of the features you can look forward to:

New Version: As I said before, Google is announcing this updated version one year after its initial release. The new version of Google Earth will feature a more streamlined interface along with new tools that will allow you to do more with the program in terms of creation and display. There will be newly designed textured buildings and new 3D features. These all will help bring an even more advanced sense of realism to the program.

Satellite Imagery: If you thought Google Earth had great imagery resolution before, you won’t believe this update. The new resolution is set to hit an index of up to four times higher than what it was before. This update will give you unbelievable imagery to look at while you’re browsing Google Earth. This update will soon hit Google Maps as well.

Google SketchUp Update: Google SketchUp is a another program that works side by side with Google Earth. Google has added some updates to it as well. Similarly, you will be able to create textured buildings and other special effects that will be visible in Google Earth and in the Google 3D Warehouse.

Along with those three major updates to Google Earth, Google has also announced some changes to Google Maps and Google Maps API (Application Programming Interface). With Google Maps, you will be able to embed the dynamic maps that it creates into your very own Web site. There will be updates in addresses and easier ways to share geographic information. Another update is called the Google Maps for Enterprise, which is geared mainly toward businesses. With this, businesses will be able to map customer locations, track shipments, manage facilities and view various other geographic data. And, best of all, this will all be done with much more ease.

Google Earth and Google Maps is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Linux users can also use Google Earth. The programs are also localized in French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Sounds like some pretty well rounded updates, don’t you think? Go ahead and give it a shot! That is, if you haven’t done so already!

You can get Google Earth here and Google Maps API is available here.

~ Erin