I remember the effect that Dian Fossey’s story had on me as a child. How she valiantly tried to save the gorillas she was studying. I can still remember seeing Gorillas in the Mist for the first time. I think that memory is what has me so interested in this site. The Gorilla Foundation is trying to start a Gorilla Preserve on Maui, Hawaii that will allow them to fully study gorillas while saving them as well. You can learn more about what the Maui Ape Preserve is all about by visiting the Maui Preserve section.

There are also donation links all over the place, mainly because it is a non-profit organization. The way they get money is through donations and I believe government grants. I want you to know that you don’t have to donate money. That’s a personal choice. What you can do though is educate others about gorillas. You can get free teaching materials from them to help educate your children, or the children in your classes. To do so, go here. Or you can on the red side menu and go to the link that starts out “Teach your children” and you’ll come to the same page.

To learn more about Koko and how she became an ambassador for her critically endangered creatures, go to the introduction link on the side menu. You have probably seen Koko on TV or heard about her. She knows American Sign Language and is known for her love of kittens. From the introduction section, scroll to the bottom and you will find a link that reads “The Significance of Project Koko.” Click the link and you will find a list of 10 ways that Project Koko is significant.

Now, for my favorite section. Go back to the main page where we started at and click the About Gorillas link on the side menu. Here you can learn all about gorillas, from basic gorilla life to gorilla facts. There are also some awesome primate sites that you can check out.

The FAQ section answers questions that you may have about Koko, the preserve and much, much more. I hope you enjoyed this brief look into gorillas and the preserve they are trying to make!


~ Amanda