What is DSL?

We’ve had a couple tips in the past about DSL, but we’ve never really told you what it is. Here’s a quick explanation for you.

DSL stands for “digital subscriber line” and it’s basically a type of broadband Internet access that is simply carried over a regular phone line. DSL delivers a high-speed service and it is high on the list when compared to other broadband providers. The only common feature between DSL and dial-up is that DSL also requires its own modem. Also know that you cannot get a DSL signal from a conventional dial-up modem.

DSL works with unused frequencies to make a direct link from the provider to the subscriber (you!) It has been around for over two decades and it’s just now becoming one of the more popular Internet access points. If you’re interested in getting DSL for your home, check your local phonebook for providers. If you have any questions, give them a call and they should be able to answer all of them for you.

So, the only question that remains now is “Are you a DSL user”? : )