E-mail Download

Okay, there you are sitting at your desk with your morning coffee and you’re just waiting for all of your e-mail to come through to your Inbox (using Outlook Express). You may have several e-mails that have piled up overnight and you just want them to download as fast as they can. Everything’s going fine until you are rudely interrupted by an e-mail stall. The download process just stops all of a sudden and you have no idea why. Is there really any rhyme or reason to this?

Well, a sudden stall in an e-mail download could be caused by a few things. One reason could be that the amount of e-mail you’re trying to bring in is rather large. (I know that I get over 1,000 e-mails every day and this happens to me all the time). So, while you’re waiting for all of these e-mails to come in, your connection may time out and therefore, your e-mail program just stops. There’s not a really perfect way to fix this. You can usually just hit Send/Receive again and the rest will come through. It’s unfortunate, but it’s not the end of the world by any means!

Another cause of the sudden stop could be that your Internet connection is going in and out or just flat out failing. This will definitely mess with your e-mail connection and your e-mail will pause until your Internet is up and running again.

This may not happen too often to any of you, but it does come around every once in awhile and it’s good to know what could be causing the problem so you can fix it faster!

~ Erin