Traffic Reports and Alerts

Okay, so we’ve covered gas prices until we were blue in the face, so let’s move on to traffic. The only problem I have with this site is that it is highly metropolitan based. Go ahead and register (it’s free!) with as much or as little information as you want, and confirm. Then you can start to set up your custom drives, a personalized map with markers where roads are closed, customized reports and even an RSS feed. This site rocks for those of you who live in any of the cities listed on the site.

If you don’t want to register, you can still make good use of this site. Just click the Metropolitan Areas tab. Then from the map that loads, choose the city whose traffic you want to check out. Then just wait for that city’s page to load and you can see where the traffic jams are and what their Jam Factor is.

The Jam Factor is like a Richter scale for traffic jams. If you want to know how it works in-depth, head to the “What is the Jam Factor” link at the top of the white section of the page.

A little lost? Need some help? Well, check out the Help tab where you can get your questions answered! This is a detailed FAQ area that covers a lot of ground and it answers some really good questions.

The good news is that even if they aren’t in your area now, they might be soon. They are planning on expanding over time. I imagine it takes a lot of work to put this kind of information together. I know I’ll be bookmarking this site for later use, because maybe my city will be added soon.

Check it out!

~ Amanda