Hubble Site

I love this site. I keep coming back to it every couple of years and thoroughly exploring it all over again, because it is just so amazing. The last time I brought you this site, I was gaga over the Tonight’s Sky section. While it’s still a great section that you can check out, this time my attention was captured by the Black Holes section.

Black Holes – Here you will learn all about black holes, how they are formed, what exactly they are and you can even visit the black hole encyclopedia. There are experiments, a glossary and lots of interactive areas that will help you really get a grasp on what a black hole is and how it is formed.

Well, besides black holes, there is a lot more going on at this site, so let’s get to it! The other sections are Newscenter, Gallery, Discoveries, Sci-Tech, Education, Fun & Games and Reference Desk.

Newscenter – Here you will find the latest discoveries, pictures and news. You are also able to explore the archive of news and images. You can even sign up for their e-mail bulletins.

Gallery – This is where you will find all of those impressive images from outer space that still amaze me every time I see them. Not only will you find pictures here, but you can also find wallpaper and movies.

Discoveries – Here you can check out the discoveries made through images, stories and even videos. From recent discoveries to those discoveries in the past that made further exploration possible, it’s all here. You can even check out the Glossary.

Sci-Tech – This is also called the Nuts & Bolts section. Here you will learn all about the telescope and space crafts. Just click on any part of the telescope or you can click on the sections themselves. They are: Optics, Instruments and Spacecraft Systems. Each section focuses on a different part, so you really get to learn all the ins and outs of how the Hubble works.

Education – Here you will find an amazing online experiment that lets you learn how telescopes work from the ground up. You’ll find it under the heading Try This! What else will you find here? Well, there is tons of information for teachers and students, as well as, museums and planetariums.

Fun & Games – Why don’t you visit this section and make the universe your playground? Here you will find a lot of interesting things to do that will keep you entertained for hours. And don’t tell anyone, but you’ll still learn stuff too!

Reference – Welcome to the reference desk, the home of the glossary, FAQs, facts and figures and much more. This is where you can come to get all the facts. You can even learn a little bit about telescope history in the facts and figures section.

Well, I’m ready to launch off on a space odyssey! Aren’t you?

~ Amanda