Your Computer’s Name

Have you ever wondered who’s name your computer is listed under? In all actuality, it should be registered under your own name (or maybe someone else in your family), but if you’re not completely sure, there’s a simple way you can check it out.

To see your computer’s name, go to your desktop and find the My Computer icon. Right click on that and choose Properties. This will bring up a box with several tabs listed. Find the Computer Name tab and click on it.

Once that opens up, you will be able to see the name your computer uses. You will first see the computer description, which is probably just something you put in there when you first got your computer. Or maybe you got your computer from someone else and the description hasn’t been changed yet. If you want to type something else in for that area, you can go ahead and do that now. Next, you will see the full computer name and the workgroup name (if you have one).

If you would like to rename your computer, click on the Change button and just type in the correct name. When you’re done, click OK twice. It’s as simple as that! So, if you ever want to change the name again, you know an easy and fast way to do it!

~ Erin