CD Minis

Have you ever used a mini CD. You know, they look just like a normal sized CD, but they are much smaller. They are becoming more and more popular these days and more companies are starting to use them for their software programs, etc. They are also used for a lot of the computer games that are available today. You can see the size difference in the screenshot below.

So, they may look really cool, but you might be wondering how you’re supposed to use them. How can they work in your computer’s CD ROM drive if they’re so small? Well, it’s simple really. You use them just like you would a bigger CD. Each CD comes with a small hole in the middle, so you just have to place that hole over the opening on your CD ROM tray.

Some CD trays even have an indentation where mini CDs will go. You just place it right in that inner circle and push the tray in. It will work just the same as it would if it were the bigger size. Mini CDs come in various formats as well. The normal is an 80 mm disc, which can hold about 21 minutes of music or 180 MB of data. There are also some enhanced density versions that will hold about 34 minutes of music and 300 MB of data.

How cool is all that?! Have you gone mini yet?

~ Erin